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One of the factors that many people don't consider when planning for their retirement is longevity risk. Given the continued advances in medical technologies, we are living longer - which means we have a longer retirement. As you'd expect, we offer services for financial, estate, and investment planning, but that's not all.

At Signature Wealth, not only do we take planning a step further, to include risk management and wellness planning, but we help you execute on everything. Our concierge-level clients also have access to:

  • The ability to settle and administer estates via Raymond James Trust Co.
  • Help navigating the complexities of Medicare to find the best plan for you
  • Secure online document storage for all of your important information
  • A variety of mortgage and lending options via Raymond James Bank
  • Specialized assistance for those with a difficult healthcare diagnosis
  • A high net-worth planning group for more complex cases
  • Protection from financial fraud and identity theft
  • Evaluation of in-home care options for seniors
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Raymond James is not affiliated with Pinnacle Care, Brookspire, Health Plan One, or Eversafe. Raymond James Trust N.A. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Raymond James Financial, Inc.

Signature Wealth Strategies ServicesComprehensive Planning

What is your ideal future? How do you define success? This isn't a "one size fits all" guide to financial planning; we work together and create a plan completely personalized to your reality and your goals.

Focusing on your desired outcome is key to developing your plan and helping to make sure you don't take unnecessary risks. Investments and markets fluctuate over time. We work to help ensure you have what you need to make fully informed decisions about your future.

In other words, working with our advisors gives you full access to our available resources. Once we develop your plan, we work together to help ensure you stay on track with your goals.



Portfolio Management

Your portfolio must reflect your goals. Our investment management process determines portfolio allocation using conventional factors: Age, Risk tolerance, Investment time horizon

Unlike some other advisors, we also consider investor sentiment and the current economic landscape. It's common sense (or should be) to consider events like the interest rate or the price of oil in determining your overall investment allocation. Without a trusted guide, we believe that a typical investor could be more prone to making decisions based on emotions instead of a comprehensive look at proven factors for success.

Looking at the current economic climate helps us tailor your portfolio to the lowest necessary risk. If your current investment strategy focuses only on a generic risk questionnaire, contact us today. Most questionnaires fail to present a comprehensive and personalized plan for you. So if you'd rather lower your risk and meet your goals, let's talk.




Business Solutions

Build, fund, and grow the business of your dreams.
As entrepreneurs, we too experience the work and commitment necessary to be successful at your job. Running a business, managing inventory, exceeding customer expectations, and leading employees leaves little time or energy to focus on your personal goals. Your life is busy, and it doesn't follow a generic formula. So why should your financial planning?

It's easy to be owned by the business, and our advisors don't want that for you. Instead, our team helps you build and maintain a personal plan in cooperation with your business plan. Your life shouldn't serve your business; instead, your business should fuel your life. Our selection of business solutions includes: Corporate Retirement Plans, Business Valuations, Investment Banking, Liability Management, Insurance Solutions, Benefit Plan Consulting, Executive Benefits




Insurance Services

Planning for the unexpected. Remember that time your child broke an arm or sprained an ankle? Thankfully you had insurance to cover the doctor, hospital, and prescription bills. Can you imagine the financial burden of not having medical insurance during an event like that? You buy insurance to protect your family, your future, and your finances.

An unexpected death or illness can upend a financial plan, but it doesn't have to. We believe that the right insurance plan is a great investment; with it, you gain confidence and the assurance that you are working to build a better future. Without it, you could be risking your financial security.

What about your current insurance plan? Is it too much, or too little? Do you own the right kind? Do you even know what your insurance covers? Our advisors review your insurance policies as part of the comprehensive planning process. A great life insurance plan, for example, pays estate taxes or sends the grandchildren to college. Long-term care insurance helps your spouse maintain his or her lifestyle and protects your home in case of illness.

Our advisors can offer counsel in the areas of: Disability Income Insurance, Life Insurance, Estate Planning, Long-Term-Care Insurance




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